Genevan Psalms / Geneefse Psalmen

A selection of compositions for organ, inspired by the melodies of the Geneva Psalter.
Een selectie van mijn composities voor orgel, geïnspireerd door de melodieën van het Geneefse Psalter.

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Psalm 2 (2014)

A more grim setting, slowly evolving into a more comforting atmosphere.
Available at Boeijenga.

Psalm 3 (2017)

First attempts at using more ambiguous harmonies.

Psalm 6 (2018)

Meditative music, consisting of different layers, most of which play the psalm melody at different pitches, tempos and directions (reverse).

Psalm 8 (2017)

Stately music for the first psalm in a wedding service.
Available at Boeijenga.

Psalm 17 (2016)

Meditative piece inspired by Cesar Franck’s piece ‘Petit Offertoire’.

Psalm 24 (2020)

Slowly crescending procession.
Available at Boeijenga.

Psalm 25 (2020)

Partita, with each variation in a different atmosphere:
I. Choral
a warm harmonisation of the psalm tune
II. Parafrase
meditative and associative
III. Scherzo
playfully fluttering
IV. Choral pentatonique
modification of the psalm tune in pentatonic scale (G-A-B-D-E)
V. Dialogue
dialogue between manuals with reflective middle part
VI. Passacaille
repeating bass line in different keys
VII. Choral
stretched psalm tune in different voices, while other voices continuously move

Psalm 33 (2015)

Playful prelude, inspired by ‘Golden Brown’ by The Stranglers.

Psalm 67 (2018)

Prelude in neo-baroque fashion and two chorale settings.
Available at Boeijenga.

Psalm 72 (2021)

Suite, consisting of a stately Prelude, more flowing Fughetta, playful Scherzo, comforting Rondo and grand Choral.

Psalm 80 (2016)

Procession, depicting the slow coming of Christ in Advent.
Available at Boeijenga.

Psalm 84 (2015)

Playful short chaconne.
Available at Boeijenga.

Psalm 85 (2015)

Meditative prelude for Psalm 85, fitting the Advent period.
Available at Boeijenga.

Psalm 90 (2015)

Solemn prelude, based on the largo by Vivaldi, transcribed by Bach (BWV 596).

Psalm 90 (2022)

Quasi-improvisatory fantasy and chorale setting.

Psalm 91 (2021)

Dreamy prelude and two chorale settings.

Psalm 96 (2016)

In this piece I wanted to express the joy of singing a ‘new song’ – because that’s what this Psalm is about: ‘Sing unto the One a new song’.
Available at Boeijenga.

Psalm 98 / 118 (2015)

Exactly as with psalm 96 (see above), I wanted to express the joy of singing a new song.
Available at Boeijenga.

Psalm 107 (2021)

Longer composition, inspired by the Genevan psalm tune. When it was finished, it appeared that the structural development of the piece did fit the development of the psalm text very well.

Psalm 122 (2020)

Joyful little toccata.

Psalm 131 (2016)

Fitting the humble text.

Psalm 145 (2014)

A lighthearted interplay between choir, organ and congregation.
Available at Boeijenga.

Psalm 145 (2017)

Dance-like prelude and two settings of Psalm 145.

Psalm 149 (2016)

The tempo of this piece is unusually high for a Genevan psalm, but fits the joyful dancing text.

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